Tiveden National Park
Tiveden National Park
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Tiveden National Park is a unique project where White Arkitekter have used small means to create a careful addition that provides access to all people to immerse themselves in nature and capture Tiveden’s spectacular terrain no matter their physical abilities – democratizing the outdoor experience. Meanwhile, through careful planning we even managed to re-integrate a part of an area that was formerly a car park back into the natural landscape with the help of a local seed bank. Leaving a minimal impact on nature was crucial and the structures have a small footprint and are completely biodegradable. The design reinterprets the regions vernacular wood buildings, using locally sourced materials to build on the local identity inspired by the dramatic landscape to create a modern interpretation.

Tiveden National Park lies in one of the most inaccessible parts of the Swedish wilderness. Here we have designed the park’s expansion and three new entrances. In a place where barely a foot has tread this was a very delicate task. Combining a variety of natural habitats, these gateways gently guide visitors into untouched nature, with minimal impact on the precious surroundings.

The park consists of one of the few remaining old-growth forests in southern Sweden and is an important part of Swedens rich history of forestry. Fragmented by open farms and lakes, Tiveden National Park was established with the purpose of preserving the cohesion between the forest, lakes and landscape. The materials used for the project play an important part in connecting with the cultural history and natural beauty that the sensitive environment is steeped in. The wood used in all construction is sustainably produced and locally sourced. Through its origins and by using traditional construction details the story of the region is told. By combining this with a contemporary design language and meeting the needs of modern life we write the next chapter of the story while firmly placing it in its context.

The project to develop new entrances for Tiveden is a part of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s program to develop the visitor facilities at the Swedish national parks. During the project we have identified the three most important and characteristic entrances to the forest and further developed them with the visitor’s experience and transition from the parking lot out into the wilderness in mind.

The new main entrance emphasizes the characteristic landscape. Visitors leave their car behind in the parking space and head towards the service building to start their exploration on foot. Service and information facilities illustrate the experience to follow. The new entrance increases Tiveden’s accessibility to all; allowing visitors to venture even further into the wild. Platforms and walkways built of untreated wood are a discreet addition that leaves the surroundings intact, while offering views of Tiveden’s spectacular rocky terrain. A solution that is also durable and requires little maintenance.

Using wood is important to connect with the local identity but also key to be able to create an addition that maximizes the experience while minimizing the intrusion. Through the use of raw, untreated wood and iron we bring no chemicals into nature making the entire project biodegradable. The materials will age alongside their surroundings and slowly take on a new appearance, molded by the elements of Tiveden. Should humans ever leave this place, the old forest can reclaim the land itself – completely erasing any trace of us.

Landscape architects: White Arkitekter
Other designers involved in the design of landscape (if any): None
Project location (For publicly accessible projects please include exact address. For Private gardens place write Country or State): Tivedens Nationalpark, Sweden
Design year: 2009-2017
Year Built: 2017

Appreciations towards White Arkitekter for sharing wonderful work . Click to see more works!
Published on 2024/06/29
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