WaSpeak has a design platform for architects, designers, manufacturers and scholars from all over the world, with tens of thousands of visitors getting fresh information every day, the platform has become a hub for linking companies with designers and projects, and choosing to use the Advertising and Promotional Services will give you more value for your products. will make your products more valuable.

  • 1 Design Platform
    WaSpeak is one of the most visited architectural platforms in the world. We provide architectural cases, news, jobs all over the world.
  • 2 Link Users
    We have over 1W design inspirations from all over the world. WaSpeak is a comprehensive community linking designers, artists and manufacturers.
  • 3 Design Tools
    We have a large number of registered users who visit the site every day looking for inspiration and bookmarking favorite projects, products and images.
  • 4 Community
    We are also a community that regularly hosts events such as architectural exhibitions and architectural lectures.


  • Used by a global group of designers
  • Hub: Amplify your brand value
  • Collect items, products, ideas and inspirational images
  • Discover more potential users


  • Customized promotional services
  • Diverse promotion options
  • Multiple media platforms
  • Let specialized clientele pay attention to you

Brand promotion plan+

  • Type
  • Location
  • Features
  • Project Promotion
  • Home Page Card & Social Media Promotion
  • Show your work to all users
  • Corporate Branding
  • Brand Listings + Home Page + Follow Function
  • Show the value of your brand
  • Products Promotion
  • Product homepage + Image information show
  • Let your products link to design images
  • Design Market
  • Information display on users page
  • Showcase products/software to registered users
  • Architect Interviews
  • Video interviews
  • Architect Interviews Co-created with Arch Talk
  • Firm Interviews
  • Photo and text interviews
  • In-depth interview of your company
  • Site Reporting
  • On-site graphic reports
  • Reports of design work in progress
  • Competition Information
  • Design competition information
  • Show the Information to global designers
  • Advertisement
  • Homepage, sidebar or other options
  • Multiple advertisement positions can be selected

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