We are proud to publish the latest original completed project manuscripts and will post them as soon as possible within a few hours (1.5 business days at the latest).

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1-Submission Process

1-Prepare your project design materials to Submission Platform Follow the prompts to publish

2-We will complete the review within 24 hours

3-If the review is approved, we will reply to you for the next step of the process

4-If you do not receive a reply within 24 hours, the review will not be approved. (Due to the large number of submissions in the background, we are not able to respond to each and every one of the reasons for not passing the review)

2-Documentation Requirements

When submitting an article, you can follow these requirements:
serial number Table of Contents Content requirements Necessity
1 design statement No Yes
2 Project Information Provide the exact project name, relevant design unit or person, partner, project location, area, year, photographer, etc. Yes
3 Photos Dpi72,Width greater than 2000 pixels. jpg format / send in separate folder (or provide download link) Yes
4 Drawings Main elevation and section isometric drawings \PDF or JPG format \PDF or video Yes
5 Company Profile Company logo\profile\contact information No

3-Copyright Statement

1. Please confirm the copyright of the images with the project photographer before submitting, and indicate the copyright owner of each photo in the project information to avoid any copyright issues.

2. No temporary preview will be provided before the project is released, Waspeak team has the right to edit the manuscript (if there is any problem after the release, you can send the modification to the submission email address, and we will deal with it in the fastest time possible. If there is a specific requirement for the image's caption, please mark the image's name with a clear caption).

3. Selected works will be published on our website for free, if you need to book the front page of WeChat, please let us know in the submission email, please refer to the fee for paid promotion.
Fore more Copyright Statement

4-Promotional Service

Choosing to use the Advertising and Promotional Services will make your products more valuable.
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