Mitie Offices – London
Mitie Offices – London
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Project Year
Site Area
30000 m²
Text description provided by the architects

The underlying brief for this scheme stressed agility and connectedness in support of Mitie’s brand and product strategy. The result is a unique workplace containing a wide range of settings designed to fulfill any requirement from focused work to town halls for 300 people. The 176 sit/stand desks are clustered in villages and allocated to teams. No one has claim to their own desk, instead staff use smart-lockers to store any personal items that remain on site, and book or appropriate whatever facilities they need at the time. Along with the desks there are 100 positions in a variety of open and semi-enclosed settings, plus a further 100 in meeting rooms.

As the following pages show, the scheme is highly original in scope, with some truly unique elements such as the Living Lab and Regeneration Pods. The interior design emphasises warmth and visibility with advantage taken of the spectacular views where possible. There is extensive use of rich colours and veneers, including replacing a considerable amount of the white metal perforated ceiling with acoustic timber tiles. There are many changes of texture, acoustic treatments, light intensity, floor, ceiling and wall finishes, to ensure that there is constant variety of experience as one transitions the space.

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Published on 2024/06/29
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